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Faridabad, IN
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Pratap Chaudhary (Founder)


Pratap is very typically professional, outwardly calm, reserved and precise. He is the Tech mastermind of the team. He has practically rubbed his hands on almost everything to do with a computer software and hardware. He is a gadget freak with passion for mobile phones, e-commerce and is a declared computer victim!!

Pratap is a Systems Engineer and has done GNIIT. He has a varied experience of about 8 years in providing Technical support, setting up an E-commerce portal, Online Vendor Management, Software/Hardware purchase, Data & Records Digitization and IT Administration & Support. He has worked with E-Age Tutorials and Prachi Publications, where he gained most of his IT experience.

A true Virgo, Pratap is a perfectionist, loyal and hardworking. He’s overly self-critical and an introvert.