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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Pratap is very typically professional, outwardly calm, reserved and precise. He is the Tech mastermind of the team. He has practically rubbed his hands on almost everything to do with a computer software and hardware. He is a gadget freak with passion for mobile phones, e-commerce and is a declared computer victim!!

Pratap is a Systems Engineer and has done GNIIT. He has a varied experience of about 8 years in providing Technical support, setting up an E-commerce portal, Online Vendor Management, Software/Hardware purchase, Data & Records Digitization and IT Administration & Support. He has worked with E-Age Tutorials and Prachi Publications, where he gained most of his IT experience.

A true Virgo, Pratap is a perfectionist, loyal and hardworking. He’s overly self-critical and an introvert.