Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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Inner wheel club takes a big leap by completing 3 big projects

Arti bansal : Our father of the nation gave the mantra “Cleanliness is Godliness”.
Cleanliness is very important whether it’s our home, workplace ,temple or public places and keeping all these things in mind women of The Inner Wheel Club Faridabad Industrial Town has taken initiative towards the same .

This is a big step towards making our city clean.That Inner wheel club has built 2 toilets in Kheri Kalan and 1 in Bhopani village.
Not only this,they are still working on 2 more public toilets at Prabhat NGO.

These ladies want to do much more and hence they took the initiative to beautify the temple walls by putting    “Navgraha” pictures. They believe that passers by will attain peace from Navgraha darshan and the youth will get to learn about the rich Indain culture .

Finally in the 3rd project Club distributed 50 large umbrellas to shop walas and vendors who work day and night under open sky.

These umbrella will be useful to them like a medicine to patients.
The motive behind these projects is to make our city look smart and also promote the branding of Inner Wheel Club as well.
These projects were attended by Club President Manju Bansal, Club Secretary Manita Singla, Treasurer Nisha Jain, Editor Ankita Gupta, ISO Ajju Mahana and other club members too.

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