Thump Rodeos are Royal Enfield bikers with a difference


NewsNCR, (Ekta Raman) 26 July-Faridabad | Biking nowadays is becoming the new fad for people to de-stress, connect with themselves and also get some experience with adventure. There are a lot of bike groups which have been around for quite some time now and then there’s this one with a difference.

Thump Rodeos was officially born on 21st Feb 2018, though unofficially they’d been upto something or the other. It was a collective effort of about 15-20 riders who decided to formally create a group so that they could plan their rides in a better manner. The group size has now grown upto 35 members who are between the age group of 21-60 yrs, with a father-son duo and a few couples riding too. The group is very particular about safety rules while riding and wearing the complete riding gear. They are very safe riders and that’s the reason thankfully that the group has never had any bad experiences on the road. They have to their credit more than 10 rides within the radius of a 100 kms. They’ve also completed an up-down trip to Mussoorie in 12 hrs. Their long rides include trips to Palampur, Nepal, Jaisalmer, Ladakh and the most recent one Amritsar-Ferozepur. During this trip the riders had to face rains in Punjab and there were 3 female pillions too…yet they braved it all. A member of the group shared that the ride was full of adrenaline rush as they visited the Hussainiwala border too!!

Thump Rodeos don’t just ride, they contribute to the society too, in their own little way. They are associated with an NGO named Nimantran which is managed by Himanshu. This NGO regularly feeds the needy and also educates them about personal hygiene, cleanliness in the neighborhood and safety guidelines against diseases like malaria, dengue etc. Thump Rodeos recently distributed mosquito repellent tubes and coils to a 100+ people around sec 21C on the onset of monsoon and also shared tips to safeguard themselves from health hazards. It was a very informative lunch where the riders interacted with the children and their parents who live in the slums around.

Thump Rodeos is a bunch of funny, positive and responsible riders who have come together for some fun and adventure. The group is growing rapidly and now already planning their next ride to Jim Corbett in december.


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